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INFO Magazine

.info (originally INFO=64) was a computer magazine covering Commodore 8-bit computers and later the Amiga. It was published from 1983 to 1992.

INFO=64 began as a newsletter published by its founder, Benn Dunnington, operating out of a spare bedroom in his home. After a few issues, the entrepreneurial spirit struck and he decided to expand it into a full-fledged magazine.

The first few issues of the magazine were published by Dunnington operating as a sole proprietorship in the state of Washington. After a few issues, he moved the company to Iowa, eventually incorporating as Info Publications, Inc.. This, in turn, became a limited partnership, (Info Publications Ltd), which published the magazine until its demise.

INFO=64 was produced using personal computers. An editorial statement in each issue explained that the magazine was produced using only "lay equipment", such as home computers and 35mm cameras, that were inexpensively available to the general public. Early issues were typeset using a Commodore 64 and a dot-matrix printer, giving the magazine a distinctive hand-crafted appearance.

The magazine soon switched to a more professional appearance using laser printers and Newsroom and GEOS software for the 8-bit Commodores, before changing its editorial focus and publishing platform to the Amiga, and changing its name to .info, which was coincidentally the file extension of Amiga icon files.

The Computer Press Association named .info as one of two 'Runners-Up' in the category of Best Computer Magazine - Circulation Less Than 50,000 at its seventh annual awards ceremony in April 1992. Computers in Accounting won that category, which included well over 100 computer magazines at the time, but .info tied with the slicker and much better-funded NeXTWORLD.

Ironically, .info was in serious financial trouble by then, and the publisher was desperately seeking someone to buy the magazine. The magazine closed its doors in April 1992, and on September 20 the magazine's assets were auctioned off.

Over the course of its run, .info absorbed three pioneering Commodore magazines that ceased publication during the "great extinction" that struck computer magazines in the late 1980s. These were Jim Oldfield and James Strassma's Midnite Software Gazette (which had previously absorbed 'The Paper', one of the oldest independent publications supporting Commodore computers), Mitch Lopes' RoboCity News (the one-time official publication of FAUG, the First Amiga Users' Group, before it was spun off), and Chris Zamara and Nick Sullivan's Transactor (the official publication of TPUG, the Toronto PET Users' Group). Unfortunately, when .info ceased publication, the receivers stood in the way of allowing .info's publisher to find another magazine to fulfill its subscriptions.

A full set of the entire run of INFO magazine, including photocopies of the original newsletter along with other documents related to the magazine, is housed in the library of the State Historical Society of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa.


texts 75

The Computer Magazine Archives

amiga 59
disk 52
software 52
commodore 48
program 46
graphics 39
color 32
disk drive 31
programs 31
public domain 31
info 27
hard drive 26
amiga amiga 19
computer 18
video 17
wrapup 16
hard disk 14
tom malcom 11
video toaster 11
electronic arts 10
deluxe paint 9
desktop publishing 9
machine language 8
printer 8
full featured 7
operating system 7
ram 7
technical support 7
big blue 6
game 6
geos 6
power supply 6
software city 6
drive 5
iowa 5
toaster 5
turbo silver 5
arc 4
blue reader 4
cdtv 4
code media 4
fonts 4
games 4
kracker jax 4
media price 4
midi 4
money order 4
progressive peripherals 4
residents add 4
super snapshot 4
vendor code 4
abacus software 3
amiga version 3
amigados 3
animation 3
basic 3
box 3
clip art 3
deluxe 3
drive san 3
ibm 3
includes 3
level 3
paint program 3
pocket writer 3
price avail 3
print shop 3
pro video 3
screen 3
skyles electric 3
word processor 3
amiga basic 2
amiga users 2
arexx 2
assembly language 2
atari 2
batteries included 2
benn 2
best 2
cardinal software 2
cartridge 2
comal 2
electric works 2
file 2
fleet system 2
gateway drive 2
hard drives 2
interactive 2
issue 2
keyboard 2
light pen 2
los angeles 2
machine code 2
magazine 2
mail 2
mailing list 2
micrograms grades 2
multimedia 2
photon paint 2
pro draw 2
proper grammar 2
retail price 2
robo city 2
san diego 2
software support 2
sound effects 2
sprite 2
supra 2
title screen 2
unix 2
version 2
activa 1
additions 1
address 1
adobe 1
adventure 1
aehd 1
alien 1
amiga comal 1
amiga dtp 1
amiga games 1
amigaworld 1
amigaworld expo 1
anarchy 1
animator 1
aost 1
apple 1
arcade 1
art department 1
art gallery 1
arts 1
artworx software 1
ash 1
atomic clock 1
audio gallery 1
aussie joker 1
authoring 1
avail 1
awards 1
backyard 1
backyard path 1
banana 1
banana pineapple 1
bank street 1
barney bear 1
benn dunnington 1
bernoulli 1
bernoulli system 1
bitmap 1
black crypt 1
brown boxes 1
bulletin board 1
business machines 1
bytes library 1
cad 1
calc result 1
cardco 1
cbm 1
centaur 1
center 1
cheat 1
cherry 1
cherry level 1
cherry plum 1
city 1
city desk 1
city news 1
city software 1
clock 1
coast software 1
code 1
colors 1
commodore business 1
compact disc 1
compilers 1
composite video 1
computer center 1
computer game 1
computer network 1
comspec bernoulli 1
connodore 1
conputer 1
construction set 1
cookbook 1
copy 1
copy programs 1
copy protection 1
copyright 1
creative computers 1
cursor 1
customer service 1
cybertech 1
cybertech auburn 1
cybertech benn 1
cybertegh 1
cybertegh benn 1
daily log 1
dbase 1
dealer inquiries 1
dec 1
english 75
Date Published
Info - Issue 14 (1987-05)(Info Publications)(US)
Topics: software, amiga, disk, commodore, graphics, includes, program, programs, computer, color,...
Info - Issue 29 (1989-11)(Info Publications)(US)
Topics: amiga, info, game, software, games, commodore, disk, graphics, version, electronic arts, computer...
Info - Issue 11 (1986-08)(Info Publications)(US)
Topics: software, amiga, disk, commodore, graphics, includes, program, programs, erm, computer, electronic...
Info-64 - Issue 4 (1984-06)(Info Publications)(US)
Topics: software, commodore, disk, computer, graphics, program, box, printer, color, comal, software city,...
Info-64 - Issue 3 - Spring 1984 (1984)(Info-64)(US)
Topics: software, commodore, disk, box, computer, program, graphics, programs, color, printer, vendor code,...
Info - Issue 23 (1988-11)(Info Publications)(US)
Topics: amiga, disk, game, software, graphics, commodore, arcade, bernoulli, info, games, bernoulli system,...
info - Issue 35 (1990-12)(.info Publications)(US)
Topics: amiga, disk, software, unix, amigados, graphics, color, games, commodore, video, hard disk, amiga...
info - Issue 33 (1990-10)(.info Publications)(US)
Topics: amiga, disk, program, color, comal, commodore, graphics, video, pro, software, amiga amiga, pro...
Info - Issue 15 (1987-07)(Info Publications)(US)
Topics: commodore, amiga, disk, software, program, computer, info, programs, pet, graphics, fleet system,...
info - Issue 46 (1992-01)(.info Publications)(US)
Topics: amiga, disk, fonts, program, software, programs, ram, font, graphics, color, amiga amiga, return...
Info - Issue 19 (1988-03)(Info Publications)(US)
Topics: amiga, disk, commodore, program, software, info, text, file, geos, graphics, desktop publishing,...
Info-64 - Issue 7 (1985-06)(Info Publications)(US)
Topics: software, disk, commodore, program, programs, computer, copy, keyboard, drive, printer, disk drive,...
Info - Issue 12 (1986-11)(Info Publications)(US)
Topics: amiga, commodore, disk, program, software, programs, graphics, arc, geos, deluxe, deluxe video,...
info - Issue 40 (1991-06)(.info Publications)(US)
Topics: amiga, disk, color, software, program, programs, video, script, commodore, amigados, amiga amiga,...
Info - Issue 26 (1989-05)(Info Publications)(US)
Topics: amiga, info, disk, software, commodore, paint, color, program, graphics, drive, hard drive, photon...
info - Issue 32 (1990-09)(.info Publications)(US)
Topics: amiga, disk, software, color, graphics, program, commodore, programs, arexx, info, amiga amiga,...
Info-64 - Issue 2 - Winter 83-84 (1983)(Cybertech)(US)
Topics: software, commodore, disk, graphics, program, color, sprite, printer, additions, programs, vendor...
Info - Issue 20 (1988-05)(Info Publications)(US)
Topics: amiga, disk, program, commodore, software, programs, info, graphics, video, color, hard drive,...
info - Issue 43 (1991-10)(.info Publications)(US)
Topics: amiga, disk, video, program, ram, graphics, software, unix, programs, toaster, proper grammar,...
Info - Issue 25 (1989-03)(Info Publications)(US)
Topics: amiga, info, animation, disk, software, commodore, graphics, color, deluxe, drive, info mar, public...
Info - Issue 09 (1985-12)(Info Publications)(US)
Topics: disk, commodore, software, program, amiga, programs, computer, graphics, basic, atari, disk drive,...
info - Issue 45 (1991-12)(.info Publications)(US)
Topics: amiga, disk, software, program, graphics, programs, color, toaster, video, screen, amiga amiga,...
info - Issue 36 (1991-02)(.info Publications)(US)
Topics: amiga, disk, program, video, software, color, programs, files, toaster, graphics, amiga amiga,...
Info - Issue 18 (1988-01)(Info Publications)(US)
Topics: amiga, commodore, software, disk, program, graphics, geos, programs, info, screen, desktop...
Info-64 - Issue 5 (1984-09)(Info Publications)(US)
Topics: software, disk, commodore, computer, program, graphics, programs, pascal, adventure, printer,...
Info - Issue 28 (1989-09)(Info Publications)(US)
Topics: amiga, info, commodore, software, video, color, disk, graphics, program, ram, public domain, hard...
info - Issue 37 (1991-03)(.info Publications)(US)
Topics: amiga, disk, color, software, program, video, amigados, pagestream, iii, commodore, amiga amiga,...
Info - Issue 13 (1987-01)(Info Publications)(US)
Topics: amiga, commodore, disk, software, program, info, midi, music, computer, programs, public domain,...
Info - Issue 22 (1988-09)(Info Publications)(US)
Topics: amiga, disk, software, commodore, info, arc, program, color, computer, graphics, public domain,...
Info - Issue 08 (1985-09)(Info Publications)(US)
Topics: diskette, software, disk, amiga, commodore, graphics, programs, includes, computer, program, disk...
Info - Issue 16 (1987-09)(Info Publications)(US)
Topics: amiga, commodore, software, disk, program, graphics, info, programs, geos, color, public domain,...
info - Issue 42 (1991-08)(.info Publications)(US)
Topics: amiga, disk, cdtv, programs, program, software, color, video, graphics, amiga amiga, full featured,...
Info - Issue 10 (1986-05)(Info Publications)(US)
Topics: amiga, commodore, disk, program, software, arc, atari, basic, computer, color, amiga basic, hard...
Info - Issue 21 (1988-07)(Info Publications)(US)
Topics: amiga, disk, commodore, software, program, computer, info, graphics, ram, programs, disk drive,...
Info - Issue 24 (1989-01)(Info Publications)(US)
Topics: amiga, info, disk, software, commodore, graphics, color, program, drive, disk drive, turbo silver,...
info - Issue 38 (1991-04)(.info Publications)(US)
Topics: amiga, program, disk, software, video, color, fonts, supra, amiga amiga, commodore, video toaster,...
info - Issue 41 (1991-07)(.info Publications)(US)
Topics: amiga, disk, color, program, ram, supra, software, file, video, programs, hard drive, amiga amiga,...
Info-64 - Issue 6 (1985-03)(Info Publications)(US)
Topics: commodore, software, disk, computer, programs, program, drive, graphics, cartridge, printer,...
info - Issue 47 (1992-02)(.info Publications)(US)
Topics: amiga, program, software, disk, arexx, programs, cdtv, opus, toaster, info, amiga amiga, pro...
Info - Issue 27 (1989-07)(Info Publications)(US)
Topics: amiga, info, commodore, disk, eeee, software, program, graphics, geos, eeee eeee, public domain,...
info - Issue 34 (1990-11)(.info Publications)(US)
Topics: amiga, disk, color, program, video, software, graphics, programs, info, commodore, hard disk, amiga...
info - Issue 49 (1992-04)(.info Publications)(US)
Topics: amiga, cdtv, disk, program, software, commodore, memory, info, maverick, video, hard drive, audio...
Info-64 - Issue 1 - Fall 1983 (1983)(Cybertech)(US)
Topics: software, commodore, disk, vendor, color, code, avail, computer, cursor, printer, vendor code,...
info - Issue 44 (1991-11)(.info Publications)(US)
Topics: amiga, program, disk, programs, software, graphics, color, video, ram, commodore, free video, amiga...
Info - Issue 31 (1990-07)(Info Publications)(US)
Topics: amiga, info, commodore, software, program, disk, graphics, video, programs, game, info july, amiga...
Info - Issue 17 (1987-11)(Info Publications)(US)
Topics: amiga, commodore, disk, program, software, info, programs, ram, geos, computer, public domain, word...
info - Issue 48 (1992-03)(.info Publications)(US)
Topics: amiga, program, software, disk, tool, color, programs, version, icon, tool types, amiga amiga, hard...
Info - Issue 30 (1990-01)(Info Publications)(US)
Topics: amiga, info, graphics, software, color, fonts, disk, desktop, commodore, amiga amiga, deluxe, clip...
info - Issue 39 (1991-05)(.info Publications)(US)
Topics: amiga, disk, software, graphics, program, color, video, fonts, commodore, animation, amiga amiga,...
Cyborg Gazette - Issue 3 (1983)(Cybertech)(US)
Topics: noh, software, color, printer, disk, aost, tht, prograas, froa, sprite, pacific coast, coast...
info WrapUp - Issue 36 (1991-02)(.info Publications)(US)[supplement]
Topics: amiga, textcalc, midnite, interactive, videodiscs, wrapup, tion, multimedia, program
Info WrapUp - Issue 29 (1989-11)(Info Publications)(US)[supplement]
Topics: robo, info, city, amiga, subscribers, issues, wrapup, animator, pointer, robo city, city news,...
info WrapUp - Issue 39 (1991-05)(.info Publications)(US)[supplement]
Topics: amiga, quantel, wrapup, graphics, toaster, iowa, electronic, multimedia, issue, bitmap
info WrapUp - Issue 46 (1992-01)(.info Publications)(US)[supplement]
Topics: game, games, level, enler, wrapup, amiga, thai, publishers, gel, game players
Cyborg Gazette - Vol. 1 Issue 2 (1982-11)(Cybertech)(US)
Topics: benn, dunnington, connodore, totl, cybertech, cybertegh, cardco, rundown, peoorep, nore, benn...
info WrapUp - Issue 49 (1992-04)(.info Publications)(US)[supplement]
Topics: amiga, wrapup, jwp, sdk, online, clock, adobe, pen, kits, hdtv, pen computers, atomic clock
Info WrapUp - Issue 26 (1989-05)(Info Publications)(US)[supplement]
Topics: info, ibm, wrapup, apple, commodore, cookbook, search, disk, arc, recipe, info wrapup, wrapup...
Info Wrap-Up - Issue 19 (1988-03)(Info Publications)(US)[supplement]
Topics: commodore, info, amiga, mail, dpi, midi, cartridge, secret, cad, mail order, final cartridge
Info Wrap-Up - Issue 16 (1987-09)(Info Publications)(US)[supplement]
Topics: basic, timesaver, sonar, keyboard, program, keyword, translates, standard, commodore, box,...
info WrapUp - Issue 47 (1992-02)(.info Publications)(US)[supplement]
Topics: amiga, midi, wrapup, harmoni, interactive, arts, modules, mattel, authoring, digital arts
info WrapUp - Issue 44 (1991-11)(.info Publications)(US)[supplement]
Topics: amiga, devcon, midi, best, features, janal, modore, iowa, disks, fish, fred fish
Info - Issue 10 (1986-05)(Info Publications)(US)[mail insert]
Topics: magazine, speoa, conputer, xpip, roundup, personal, compilers
info WrapUp - Issue 48 (1992-03)(.info Publications)(US)[supplement]
Topics: commodore, gould, ash, shareholders, wrapup, fiscal, philadelphia, price, meeting, stales
Info WrapUp - Issue 25 (1989-03)(Info Publications)(US)[supplement]
Topics: info, amiga, die, subscription, press, commodore, game, address, fournier, customer service
Info Wrap-Up - Issue 15 (1987-07)(Info Publications)(US)[supplement]
Topics: info, ibm, amiga, editor, systems, ssi, pagesetter, phantasie, benn, newsletter
info WrapUp - Issue 43 (1991-10)(.info Publications)(US)[supplement]
Topics: commodore, amiga, cdtv, lcd, prototype, iowa, wrapup, centaur, color, museum
info WrapUp - Issue 37 (1991-03)(.info Publications)(US)[supplement]
Topics: amiga, expo, aehd, wrapup, idg, amigaworld, alien, mail, disk, mac, amigaworld expo, voice mail
info WrapUp - Issue 35 (1990-12)(.info Publications)(US)[supplement]
Topics: amiga, wrapup, graphics, mondo, animation, magazine, pictured, hyperbook, dec, anarchy
info WrapUp - Issue 38 (1991-04)(.info Publications)(US)[supplement]
Topics: amiga, purchase, software, level, copyright, dbase, flight, plan, hardware, issue, desktop...
info WrapUp - Issue 40 (1991-06)(.info Publications)(US)[supplement]
Topics: scanjet, program, best, ibm, wrapup, awards, amiga, microsoft, iowa, internet
info WrapUp - Issue 45 (1991-12)(.info Publications)(US)[supplement]
Topics: pineapple, plum, cherry, banana, level, lemon, gor, wrapup, hit, detects, plum level, title screen,...
info WrapUp - Issue 42 (1991-08)(.info Publications)(US)[supplement]
Topics: color, wrapup, screen, iowa, game, cheat, activa, label, postscript, type, title screen
info WrapUp - Issue 34 (1990-11)(.info Publications)(US)[supplement]
Topics: wrapup, computer, enchanted, patent, rear, realms, amiga, hyatt, digital, shop sell, shop buy,...
info WrapUp - Issue 41 (1991-07)(.info Publications)(US)[supplement]
Topics: herb, maze, backyard, amiga, garden, path, center, dungeon, wrapup, deland, herb garden, backyard...
Cyborg-64 Gazette - Issue 1 Vol 1 (1982-10-11)(Synertech Design)(US)
Topics: commodore, programs, software, cbm, tor, colors, user, modem, computer